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Traditional (and naturally paleo) meals from around the world

It’s no secret that I LOVE to travel and when asked by my better half “shall we go there?” my response is always an immediate yes. It’s great to be able to travel to other countries and sample their local delicacies, but which dishes can you guarantee will be paleo?

France – Escargot

It took me nearly 30 years to try this for the first time. I was always a little bit grossed out by thinking of what escargot (snails) are actually are and how they live. After I tried them for the first time I couldn’t believe I had waited so long. The texture is a little like a mushroom and when you pair it with the right amount of garlic and oil – pure bliss. There’s a definite art in learning how to use the tongs that usually come with them but persevere – it’s worth it.

Puerto Rico – Mofongo

Mofongo is a dish that is made of fried plantains (which are part of the banana family) and it’s eaten a lot in Puerto Rico. Generally paired with a beef or prawn stew, it’s a pretty heavy dish (so eat it for lunch rather than dinner) but very very tasty and satisfying.

Scotland – Mince Beef

From my homeland this is a classic that I grew up on. Incredibly simple to make – it just takes time. If you need some comfort, this is what you should have.

Germany – White Asparagus

This is everywhere in Germany and when it’s in season it melts in your mouth like butter. The best season to get it is from April to July.

Spain – Gazpatcho

Fresh and light this is the king of soups in the summer. Served cold it’ll leave you feeling refreshed in the hot summer months – its key ingredients are tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum and chilli.

Italy – Chicken Cacciatore

I love this dish and make it regularly. Consisting primarily of tomatoes, chicken, red peppers and capers it has an incredible flavour and is worth the 40 or so minutes it takes to cook. Cacciatore literally means “hunter” and the dish comes from ye olden times when hunters used to prepare food with limited ingredients and herbs in the forest.

Morocco – Beef Tagine

Full of naturally occurring sugars from dates or dried apricots, this is a hearty, warming dish that is best paired with cauliflower rice instead of its usual (and glutenous) cous cous. Top it with some flaked almonds to give it some added flourish!


What are your favourite local delicacies that are also paleo? Tell me more in the comments below!

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