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Melbourne – A pick of South Yarra’s best paleo eats

I’ve been to Melbourne a lot and I love it there but usually spend my time in the city centre. This time around I headed for South Yarra – and here are my top tips for paleo cafes when you take your next trip.

Paleo Den

It does what it says on the tin. A little cafe set back off of Chapel Street, this was my stop for coffee (and cake I admit it) on day 2. The weather was very cold and I needed coffee and a pick-me-up to keep me going.  As well as serving in the cafe, they also do healthy deliveries 🙂 As is often the case with paleo places, they offer a ‘build your own’ option where you select your protein, then select your sides or you can go for the standard options like slow cooked lamb or Vietnamese BBQ chicken.

Paleo Den Melbourne | 80 / 20 Paleo

Darling Cafe

This place serves up massive portions, so make sure that you have built up an appetite before you go. A lot of what is on the menu comes on top of toast (which I didn’t know) so make sure to specify you don’t want it. Though it shocked my wife, I decided to have a chilli prawn omelette. It’s not usually something I’d go for, but the sriracha chilli sauce got me excited.

Prawn Chilli Omelette | 80 / 20 Paleo

Spud Bar

A chain that operates in Victoria, I got no photos of the food because I was so hungry! They do standard potatoes and sweet potatoes with a variety of fillings. I went with the lamb – because you can’t go wrong with lamb. It was the perfect portion size, full of veggies and very tasty.

Spoonbill Restaurant & Bar

Now for the meal that was The 20 – Spanish Paella for One. I love this dish, and because they usually make it in large batches, it’s unusual to get a version that is for one person. So imagine my joy when I saw this on the menu in Spoonbill Restaurant. I paired it with an organic Spanish red wine which was lovely – and must have been sulphite free because I left without any bad reaction 🙂

Paella for One - Spoonbills | 80 / 20 Paleo


I love Melbourne – and am looking forward to the next round when I shall return to find even more brilliant coffee 😀

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