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Hong Kong – Sheung Wan

Travel in Hong Kong turned out to be more fun when we mixed up the places we were staying. Rather than stay in one hotel for the entire time there, instead we stayed in a couple of different areas. That allowed us to experience different bits of the place and get more of the local flavour.

Staying in the Citadines Mercer hotel, we combined a great location and comfort with somewhere we were able to cook for ourselves. This came in very handy on New Years Eve, when all we wanted was some reliable simple food before a big night out. Heading across the street to La Rotisserie we got half a roast chicken and lots of veggies to fill us up, ready for a party. Washed down with a glass of Veuve Cliquot it was yummy!

La Rotisserie Chicken - Hong Kong


Next up that evening was a trip to FLM which is apparently one of the best gay bars in the city. Conveniently, it was also across the street from our hotel!

Don’t think this place isn’t open as it has two entrances, one on Jervois Street and one that backs onto Queen’s Road Central (quite appropriate for a gay bar really). The guy who owns and runs the bar is lovely. Sat us down with some welcome drinks and talked to us for a little while about Hong Kong.

Dressed Up @ FLM HK


If you wake up after an amazing night out and then need a little pick-me-up, head to Maya’s Cafe – everything in here is marked as Gluten Free, Vegan or Paleo and the chocolate mousse was just what we needed to make us happy after a big night. They also do a wide range of zoodles, raw lasagne and even paella!

Maya's Cafe Chocolate Mousse

There’s also a great health-food store upstairs in the same building where you can buy everything from risotto chips to gluten free museli, mangosteen juice and kombucha. They’ve also got lots of food out for taste tests.


If you feel like you need something hearty after a big night out, head Home – no really… This place serves organic wherever possible and sources locally, so you know that you’re not destroying the environment as you eat. They have lots of gluten free and vegan options. Stacey went a tad overboard, ordering a huge bowl of soup with kelp noodles and a gluten free beer. Apparently it was very tasty!

Home - Eat To Live

If that’s not enough for you there’s another organic place on Jervois Street called Dandy’s Organic. We didn’t get the opportunity to go but the menu looks pretty good.


If you can handle more food, head to La Creperie – though this is a chain, the food is well cooked and the mussels that I had were divine. They’ll do crepes on buckwheat bases if you want to have one gluten free.

Gluten Free Crepes at La Creperie Hong Kong


Mussels at La Creperie - Hong Kong


Finally if you want to try some noodles I’d recommend Noodle LAH! for their great Duck and Noodle Soup – get the rice noodles and you’ll be fine from a gluten free front.

Duck Noodles At Noodle LAH! Hong Kong


All in all it was definitely simpler to eat well in Hong Kong than I expected – if you look around there are healthy, organic places that serve up food free from gluten and with paleo credentials. That’s not to say I didn’t try any of the Michelin star dumplings but more on that in the next post…



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