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How to keep your fitness up when traveling

I love to travel but one thing it can really play havoc with is my fitness routine. If I’m traveling and don’t have my usual routine or access to my normal equipment I have been known to throw a child-like tantrum and refuse to go. So these are my top 5 tips for maintaining fitness levels on the go.

1. Take a DVD or download a routine from Google Play or iTunes

Sure, DVDs are now considered a bit old fashioned but they are designed to be done in the home, which means they require no special equipment and can be done anywhere. If your hotel doesn’t have a DVD player, no excuses, just download a routine from Google Play or iTunes. Jillian Michaels routines are my favourites to do because they don’t take a long time but my God does she work you out!

2. Drink double the water you would do usually

Traveling dehydrates you, so aim for double your usual intake of water and this will lead to you drinking probably 50% more in my experience. It’ll remove the water retention making you feel lighter and less bloated and therefore more likely to continue working out while you are away. It removes toxins and keeps your skin looking fresh – and it’s such a simple tip!!

3. Run

My wife is forever telling me that the only exercise a human being was designed to do is to run. We’ve been doing it for thousands and thousands of years, back during┬ápaleo┬átimes when the cavewoman was hunting and gathering her food.

You don’t need to be a super runner (I’m certainly not) but getting your body moving will keep your cardiovascular fitness up, help burn calories and oxygenate your brain. My top tip in this area is to combine your run with sightseeing – then you get to see the place you’re visiting, take some pictures and get to exercise at the same time.

All you need are a good pair of trainers, and maybe a phone for directions so that you don’t get lost and voila! If you’re not a runner, be realistic about distance and time and congratulate yourself when you finish. Just going is a big deal in itself!

4. Create a routine ahead of time

Before you depart for your trip, create yourself a routine that you can easily do from the hotel or in a park outside the hotel. It gets you prepared, commits you to continuing to exercise when you’re away and removes the excuses. I’ll be posting up my home-made routine here for you shortly.

5. Be mindful of your meals

One of the great things about travel is food. I wouldn’t have created a blog about exactly those two things if that weren’t the case. But be mindful of what you eat and how much you eat in a day. If you know you’re heading out for a slap up BBQ in Austin then don’t eat a massive lunch or plan three desserts for the evening. Take the Jillian Michaels tack and look upon your calories as money you’re spending with a finite budget per day – so spend them wisely!!


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